What is an average week like?

Usually, five days riding with a midweek rest day for the seven day break.

Our training camps are for 5 nights (Monday to Friday), or 7 nights (Sunday to Sunday).

The itinerary is not set in stone. We try to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs. However weeks

generally look like this

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday out riding.

Wednesday – Rest day*.

Thursday and Friday back on the bikes.

Sunday/Monday & Friday – Change over days/ Airport run.

*Rest days are not compulsory.

Which airport is best

Almeria   – approx 50 mins

Murcia     – approx 90 mins

Alicante   – approx 2 hours

Can I get an airport transfer

Yes you can. We meet you at the airport when your flight arrives and return you in good time for your flight

home. Airport transfers are included in the cost of your holiday. We do recommend that you book your

flights once we have confirmed availability for your holiday.

How fit do I need to be

You should be used to regular aerobic exercise and have a moderate level of fitness. The rides are designed

to vary from easy to difficult and are within the capabilities of some-one who exercises regularly.

About the rides

Distance will vary each day depending on the group, we have a range of routes covering 98 km to 120 km.

All routes have a scheduled coffee stop.

Travelling alone

We have lots of individual riders.

There is a great atmosphere and it’s really easy to make new friends on and off the bike! In the evenings

we have reserved tables where our cyclists can all sit together for their meal.  There is a single room

occupancy supplement. Please ask for details.

What do I need to bring



Cycling shoes

Cycle clothing (including wet cycling kit)

Light weight cycle jacket (descending can be chilly)

Sun cream

Travel insurance and European Health Insurance Card

Can I bring my own bike

Most guests prefer to bring their own bike, which is quite easy to organise. Obtain a bike box or bag, then

simply deflate the tyres, lower the saddle, turn the handle bars and pedals in and use pipe insulation to

protect the frame.  There will be a discount on your holiday price if you bring your own bike. Please ask for


What spares do I need to bring for my bike

We have a fully equipped bike workshop for carrying out day to day maintenance whilst you are here. The

store has track pumps, a work stand, tools, lubricants and cleaning materials for keeping your bike in tip

top condition. We strongly recommend that you have your bike serviced before your trip and that you bring

spare inner tubes and tyres (especially those who are riding on tubs). It is advisable to check your brake

pads are in good condition for the descents.

Do I need travel/health insurance

It is a condition of our holidays that you are covered by a medical and personal accident insurance policy

that includes cover for sports activities and repatriation to your home country.

Please provide use with your insurance policy numbers and emergency contact details prior to your arrival.

We recommend that you use ‘insure for travels’ platinum policy selecting either cycling or mountain biking

under the sporting or hazardous activities section.

If you live in the UK we recommend that you bring your EHIC card. This allows you to access reduced cost

medical services in the European Economic Area. The EHIC is available free at this website


The EHIC is NOT a substitute for travel insurance as it will not cover mountain rescue, repatriation costs, or

losses due to crime or natural disasters.

Remember no insurance, no riding.

Are there activities for partners who do not ride to do

For those cyclists who have partners, friends or relations who do not want to join all or any of the rides (or

just fancy a day out of the saddle) the hotel has much to offer including its wellness centre incorporating,

gym, Jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna and therapeutic massages.  The hotel has a beach front location, with

nearby golf course and shops.

Do I need a hire car

It’s not essential as we have a mini bus available to our guests. Please ask for details.